Qatar Academy Action for Digital Citizenship

April/May 2008


'Responsible Digital Citizenship'

The aim is to promote responsible digital citizenship amongst younger students.

What needs to be taught?
How will it be taught?
What materials need to be organised and produced?

TEAMS and final lesson content can be found on these wikis:



in the first week of June, 2008 students at Qatar Academy created 30 minute lessons delivered to Grade 4 or 5 level based on their topic.
The lesson used resources found on the international collaborative group wiki page.
The students, in their QA teams:
  • Produced a presentation and handout material (eg VoiceThread, PPT, video, online resources)
  • Delivered the lesson to a class at Qatar Academy
  • Uploaded all material to the QA team topic wiki page in a format that others can use
We have also created a blog which is designed to reach out to school communities and educate them about the guidelines and rules of online digital citizenship. This is done through the use of real-life stories and experiences that are used to have a greater impact on the online community.
Blog: Digiteen Stories - Please feel free to add your comments and experiences on the blog.



Week beginning:
  • May 4 - define lesson content and work on deliverables
  • May 11 -end May complete lesson
  • June - deliver lesson to class in Qatar Academy
  • June - Final evaluation of Digital Citizenship unit