QA Student Life Outside Team

Team members: Najwa, Riona, Maria

Responsible Digital Citizenship

Commerce, Law, Health and Wellness

To begin with we can say what each of the areas of this topic are:
  1. Digital Commerce is the safe online buying of products and goods, or being done electonically.
  2. Digital Law is the rights and responsibilities of people online and how stealing and other crimes are punishable and preventable.
  3. Digital Health and Wellness is knowing the health risks that can occur from spending too long on the computer and the problems, such as internet addiction.

1. What needs to be taught?
  • for children to understand the rules and regulation when using the internet
  • how health issues could occur by using the internet
  • the laws of internet use and safety regulations
  • knowing that the internet is public and not private (privacy and anonymity)
  • to basically acknowledge the class about digital responsibilities and rules and the health issues that occur form excessive computer use (addiction)

2. How will it be taught?
  • powerpoint
  • and by excessively interacting with the students.
  • we will ask a lot of questions to the students.
  • have the students mostly explain what they know as appose to us giving them all the information.

3. What materials need to be organized + produced?
  • We will all create the powerpoint as a team but each research mostly on our own area
  • since we are creating a powerpoint we need to have a projector

4. Themes:

Digital Commerce:
  • What is Digital Commerce?
safe online buying of products and goods...
*electronic selling


  • and buying goods online

huge online sales....


Why? .. its easier and more convenient

Anything can be bought..

music------> musi.jpg
toys---------> toys.jpg

clothing, cars and food--->. cltoh.png

Some popular websites:




    • know how the scams work

acaa.png sacaa.jpg

    • purchase in person if possible

send money safely
money2.jpg money1.jpg
money4.jpg money5.jpg






Digital Health and Wellness:**
  • the health risks that occur due to overuse.

    Picture2.pngyour health..
  • spending too much time online
  • external image sim-internet_addict420.jpg
  • hard to stop...
external image hsc3586l.jpg
  • limit your usage
  • get a hobby , instead.

CBS news talked about how [[

fYxPXKuvPZ0|internet addiction]] is a real problem in the world today, and it affects about 10 percent of the population.=
Results to the handout survey (grade 4a):
a majority of the students spent 0-1 hours online while the other spent 2-3 or more. it was surprising that the expected average time of usage which is 1-2 hours was not marked by anyone. a minority of students had accounts like facebook, bebo, myspace, tagged, and flickr. most students circled other because of their classes joined wiki page and because of a common website called club penguin. about 98% of the class has a msn account and chat online daily. they say they use appropriate language and no one said that they used inappropriate language. that did not seem right since their teacher talked to us about a resent harassment online with some of the girls in his class. every single student in the class admitted to playing a lot of games online and joining websites that are based on games. the surprising thing is that not many of the students have been talked to about internet safety and responsibility by their parents before we talked to them but a minority have been talked to. as i previously stated their teacher told us about an online harassment situation happening with the students and still no one admitted to have ever bullied anyone online or had a fight online. also only three students apparently have received any inappropriate emails from anyone when all the others gave negative results. and none have actually sent inappropriate emails. in the end the survey asked the students to write in a couple of sentences on what they thought internet safety was. here we got the students pointing out the obvious and not what they really learned and everything they said was general when we were hoping for a narrow answer with specific thoughts.