Team A

Responsible Digital Citizenship

Safety and Security, Etiquette, Rights and Responsibilities

This is the powerpoint that we have been working on this unit. It shows three different aspects of digital citizenship. Digital etiquette, rights and responsinilities, digital security and safety. Hope you enjoy and learn from it :) Topic:
  • Do not put or give ANY personal information on the internet.
  • Behaving well on the net.
  • Agreement to use the internet responsibly

What our task is, what we are going to plan out?

  • Explain what digital citizenship is, the relation to environment and link to the three categories. (overview about the task)
  • Talk about Digital Safety and security.
  • Etiquette
  • Rights and Responsibilities

Digital Citizenship:
Are you a cyberbully test

click here

This video talks about Cyber Bullying
It talks about what cyber bullying is
It explains ways that people could be cyber bullied
Says ways to stop cyber bullying
It is made by a child for children who are being bullied
Gives a list of websites to learn more about it

What is Digital Citizenship? Ask First whether they know what it means. l This helps teachers and people understand what student should know about using technology (electronics, internet, mobile..) suitably. l It is not only about teaching people, it also prepares students for a community full of new and enhanced technology. l It shows what is appropriate to be used for technology, what is allowed, and what is not. An Overview l (Digital Security) Do not put or give any personal information on the internet. l (Etiquette) Behaving well on the net l (Rights and Responsibility) Agreement to use the internet Etiquette l Digital Etiquette (netiquette) l It is a set of rules which makes the internet better use for others. l It is about treating people respectively and with courtesy as real life. l Treating others as you want to be treated is the main point. l People know the rules but usually do not follow while using the internet. l This includes, hacking, downloading illegally, plagiarism, using bad language on the internet. l if people follow this sub-division of digital citizenship it would make the internet a better place, to sharing and using information. Rights and Responsibilities l AUP (acceptable use policy) l This is rules in which the owners of a network or sometimes people in charge of countries it shows what people, can and can not do. l This is to make peoples life online, safe and to enjoy it as much as possible. l The use of material: l This is a particular area, where it shows what people can and can not do online. l Not to create a negative effect on other people. l This includes; pictures, documents, videos, and other forms of personal items. Safety and Security l Digital security (self-protection). l Is about knowing the necessary act to be electronically and digitally safe. l We can not trust other people for our own safety l People lock the door to keep safe, this is the same except by doing it electronically. l You need to have virus protection, backups of data, surge control of our equipment. l We need to be responsible for our own actions, for people who try to damage or ruin peoples equipment, by protecting our information. Making a Difference… l Do not give out personal information! l Treat others digitally the way you want to be treated. l Do not use the internet to sell, download, bye, add illegal equipment (information)

This is a video about Cyber Bullying. It is a short advertisement telling people how bad it is. This video talks about different ways of being bullied, and shows how many people are being bullied on the net everyday

This video is about being safe online. It is a small skit about a boy who meets a "girl" online, and it is actually an internet predator. This talks about another way on how a person gets bullied. It shows that you should not be talking to people you meet or know on the internet and giving them personal information or meeting with them. Here is a survey you could take to see how safe you are on the internet.

Playlist of very short advertisements explaining various topics about Student Environment.