QA Student Learning Team A

Team members: Adam, Amira, Aisha

Responsible Digital Citizenship

Access, Communication and Literacy

What is Digital Access?

Digital Access is the ability for people in different countries and societies to access digital technology. More recently their have been digital divide being created between developed countries and third world countries. One company, One Laptop per Child, is trying to bridge the gap by creating a cheap yet functional laptop.

This is a video of the laptop being used in Nigeria.

Why is it needed?

Digital access is needed to communicate to other people around the world and with people who aren't within walking distance. Digital access is also fundamental to all international countries. If they cannot access any digital technology then they cannot conduct a successful business. It is also used to further education by using various educational software to help disadvantaged people.

How does it help?

It helps by allowing people to communicate and share what they have learnt to other people. Also using the entertainment part of digital technology can help relive stress so people in stressful jobs can be soothed by spending a small amount of time on these machines

What are its negative effects?

Addiction to the various digital devices that provide access to many different things is stfire in many developed countries. One of the most 'addicted' countries is
China. People have even died from this addiction. One example is the death of a 28 year old man in South Korea. He played an online game for 50 hours, and the reported cause of death was heart failure from exhaustion.

Results --> We created a survey to ask the children we were presenting to about the technological facilities they own.
We asked a class of 20 grade five students if they had any of the following:

Internet Access: 20/20
PS3: 7/20
Xbox360: 5/20
Laptop: 19/20
Desktop: 17/20
CD player: 14/20
DVD player: 18/20
Home entertainment system: 18/20
GPS (in car): 13/20
Stereo (in car): 17/20
PSP: 12/20
Wireless Internet Access: 19/20
Ipod: 15/20
MP3 Player: 10/20

What is Digital Communication?

Why do we need Digital Communication?

Digital Communication is basically the electronic way to exchange information. In the 19th century the electronic ways to communicate were very limited. Now in the 21st century forms of communication have expanded widely throughout the world. The expanding communication is changing everything allowing you to keep in constant communication. Digital communication is our way of communicating nowadays. It has all become a vital part of our everyday lives, and without it many people would suffer.

How does it help?

Digital communication innovations have made communication in general easier and much faster. For example, half of written communication is by e-mail, 29% is by text messages and just 13% by pen and paper; thosr statistics alone depict the role in which digital communication have in our lives. So imagine what would happen if the internet went down for a day...?

What are its negative affects?

Digital communication carries many pros, as well as cons. Many of the problems related with digital communication have a lot to do with cyber bullying, as well as addiction to the internet and using the phone.

What is Digital Literacy?

Digital Literacy is the use of technology to present information and the ability to process this information, so it includes the form in which it is presented. Literacy basically outlines the kind of technology you are using, for example, on MSN, you would use a form of writing that is cut down in letters. So, if one wanted to say 'you', they would write 'u'. Literacy doesn't necessarily mean "able to read" like it did twenty years ago. In this age of technology, literacy has to do with digital basics and knowing the difference between real and fake websites. This is extremely important as it relates to safety as well.

Why is it needed?

Digital Literacy is needed to use various software and read various thing in online forums for example. Recently, with the widespread use of internet and internet games, a new type of written language has surfaced. It is called l33t speak. Now that this 'language' has become widespread, parents are trying to find out what their children are typing so they use online l33t speak translators (
here is an example). Since most people of our generation are fluent with modern technology, most people of the older generation are not exactly fluent with modern technology. Digital literacy is needed for everyone who accesses any digital piece of equipment. In today’s society and businesses, digital literacy is expected for even the lowest worker.

How they are used in our daily lives?

Digital literacy is used without any thought by our generation and we are generally fluent with it. Some of the things online that need a bit of digital literacy are Myspace, Facebook, Bebo and any other social networking site. These take a bit of exploring to learn how to work them well. Also we use digital literacy to plan out various trips if the car you use has a GPS system in it. When you have learned to use the device then you will be digitally literate with the device.

What are its negative effects?

This video talks about the effect of digital communication.