This should cover:
  • What needs to be taught?

How they can be safe using the internet. Safe websites for younger kids to be on.
  • Who will teach it?

Webkinz- Kathryn, Jake K., and Shelby
Safe Online Games- Skylar, Joy, and Logan
Texting Safely- Kara, Taylor, and Will

Who Needs To Be Taught...

Elementary students that are just beginning to learn how to use the internet
Fourth and Fifth Grades


Webkinz- Kathryn, Shelby, and Jake K.
Safe Online Games- Skylar, Joy, and Logan
Texting Safety- Kara, Taylor, and Will

Here are some of our ideas for the assembly

We will have a projector to show the different game websites like Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, or WebKinz.

We can do flash cards with "good and bad" sayings.
We will teach them that its ok to tell an adult like a parent or teacher.
We will teach them how to report bad people on the internet.
We can tell them what games to play and what games not to play.
If someone is bad then you need to block them, but you NEVER add someone you don't know!

For WebKinz:
If you see someone saying something inappropriate go to:
WebKinz news and click the Contact Us button
pick your question and submit
don't say inappropriate things or you will be warned with a big red "X"

You should never answer a text from a strange number. If you do read the text and it has a bad picture or message you should tell your parent immediately and save the text so they will have the number.