Digiteen 2008 Timeline


  • Students are introduced to concepts of digital citizenship through online material. Discussions in class
  • Students complete survey


  • Students grouped based on the 9 elements and essential sub-themes as identified by Ribble and Bailey. Students connect and communicate then research
  • Students join the Ning

Possible outline of investigation or subtitles in the online "book" for each topic from a balanced point of view:
1. Overview/Description of the various aspects of the topic
2. Background of the topic including specific real examples
3. Social / ethical aspects of the topic including how real people and communities have been positively or negatively affected and legal consequences.
4. Possible solutions to the problems that have emerged
5. Guideline(s) or rule(s) for teenagers


  • Project actions defined and worked on
  • Outcomes/actions completed by end of month