This self-selected team will plan information that needs to be taught to Middle school students here at Westwood during the month of May. Every member is in charge of planning this "course."


What needs to be taught?

They need to know what to do and what not to do on the internet. They need to be responsible and need to know how to be safe.

Who will teach it?

Jay and John: Digital Commerce
Victoria and Kaycie: Digital Safety
Jake E., Hunter, and Annabelle: Digital Etiquette, Literacy, and Access

How will it be taught?

We each need to teach a section or two. We are going to teach with the laptop and the projector Mrs. Vicki has. We are going to teach by small groups of each grade. Then we are going to question them to see what they have learned.

What online materials and information are needed?

Projector, Google presentation



-Digital worlds on the internet - Kaycie and Victoria
-The impact technology has on our lives - Jake E., Hunter, and Annabelle

Cell Phones

-Sending pictures/videos

Black Market

-How to legally buy/sell merchandise (Itunes, Limewire, Ebay)


-How to delete E-mails properly
-When to use IM speak


Sections: split up by number of people in each grade.
Sessions: Three separate weeks on Tuesdays during activity period.
1) May 6th (6th-Kaycie and Victoria; 7th-Jake E.,Hunter and Annabelle; 8th-Jay and John)
2) May 13th (6th-Jake E., Hunter, and Annabelle; 7th-Jay and John; 8th-Kaycie and Victoria)
3) May 20th (6th-John and Jay; 7th-Kaycie and Victoria; 8th-Jake E., Hunter, and Annabelle)
Classroom locations: Mrs. Vicki's, Mrs. Caldwell's room, projector room